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  • Ed Baker

Autumn Wreath Specials: 🍂 Welcome the Fall Season with Our Stunning Wreaths! 🍂

Available Now! Contact us now at to secure your selection.

Hurry, limited stock available!

10% rebate offer applies to any Wreaths delivered before 1st November and will be issued as a credit to all Wreaths bought during the promotional period, shortly after the offer ends.

Burnt Orange Wreath (30 cm)

  • Price: £6 each

  • Quantity per Box: 12

Burnt Orange Wreath 30cm

Indigo & Violet Wreaths (38 cm)

Blue Fire Wreaths (38 cm)

  • Price: £8.50 each

  • Quantity per Box: 12

Indigo & Violet Wreath 38cm
Blue Fire Wreath 38cm

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